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“Automotive” is our passion

With more than 20 years of experience in sales management in the automotive industry, we have dealt with how you can get maximum profitability from your sales and which processes and tools are the right ones for this.

The optimization potential in sales is often completely underestimated – many processes are handled manually, Excel is still often the predominant tool for planning and reporting, communication usually takes place exclusively via e-mail, and it is not uncommon to encounter poorly implemented or unsuitable CRM applications.

With VISTAlution we developed the solution that will fundamentally revolutionize your sales management. We attach great importance to user acceptance. With an intuitive user interface and convenient data maintenance, processes can not only be carried out more efficiently, but also pleasantly and sensibly.

Optimize Processes

Why our solution is unique

We did not take an off-the-shelf application or a standard CRM and adapted some functionalities to the needs of the automotive industry.

We started with a comprehensive requirements analysis, taking into account all the requests a sales manager receives over the course of a year – the various forecasting and planning tasks, price negotiations, bid preparations, reporting requests, requests for individual project information, strategic business discussions and more.
By consolidating and prioritizing these activities, we understood the need for process optimization and digitization in detail. In close contact with the sales users we then defined and developed the “next level solution”.

The result is a software that improves and accelerates the relevant processes of automotive sales teams in a unique way.

VISTAlution – the profitability booster and competitive advantage for your business

Dedicated to provide best services

Our responsibility does not end with selling you a product – we support you during your complete journey from the decision onwards.

Implementation and Setup Service

We provide full service for a swift implementation and a successful go-live.

Document Categorization

User Training

Our solutions are designed intuitive, for all users. With just few training sessions everybody is capabale to unveil the maximum for the daily usage.

Administration Service and Support

In case you want to outsource the administrational tasks – our experienced support team offers top service with highest precision and reliability to keep your integrated data up-to-date.

Machine Setup

Connecting external Solutions

We support you in connecting external solutions with API integration. E.g. with our partner solution “ivoflow” we support you in gaining incredible procurement intelligence and discovering a huge savings potential.

Our Mission

Building revolutionary software solutions to support growth and profitability for global Automotive Suppliers

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