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Find out how we can help you successfully implement global standards for planning. Understand your projects and part numbers better. Secure a decisive competitive advantage and meet the challenges of global markets – thanks to connected planning and predictive analysis. Experience and understand your business at any time, and gain an overview with intelligent business dashboards and reports.



Are you ready for the future?

It is time to face the challenges of the future and prepare your company for them. You are required to withstand global changes, to be able to follow the increasing complexity, and in the best case, to be able to foresee crises and other influences.
This can only succeed if your business processes are optimized, connected and digitized to that effect. Everything starts with the right planning.


Responsibility towards customers and employees

Your business works according to established processes. A planning solution should digitally map those processes and implement them efficiently. Don’t buy a solution that requires you to adapt your processes; or any standard CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that wasn’t developed specifically for your industry. With such solutions you will not meet your requirements and you will not win the acceptance of your employees.
Or are you still planning with endless Excel worksheets?



The planning process

The planning process usually starts in Sales. Here, a short-term and long-term plan is drawn up based on existing and future projects – possibly taking into account vehicle production figures. This is discussed together with other departments and then expanded upon with their specific data. Adjustments are made during several planning cycles until Management approves the final version. Often, hundreds of employees are involved in such a process. A mammoth task that often takes up a big part of a financial year before starting over for the following year.


Do you know your annual planning costs?

Have you ever calculated the costs for such a planning process? It’s not only about planning swiftly, and more precisely, in order to achieve a competitive advantage and to be able to use resources more efficiently. It’s also about the considerable potential for cost-reduction by optimizing the actual planning process. With the introduction of our solution, you save significantly more money from the first planning cycle than the operating costs.


Your Benefits

At a Glance

Planning Accuracy

Your planning is linked to vehicle production data, actual sales, and factory calendars, taking product configurations into account. Updates can be implemented at any time.

Planning Efficiency

Your planning process efficiently structured in one system – without error-prone, manually created Excel worksheets.

Planning Consistency

Your entire team plans under the same assumptions with the same definitions.

Planning Consensus

All departments use the same planning basis and have access from the first planning phase. Direct communication about project assumptions. The Planning log enables traceability.

Planning Comparability

Comparison of different planning statuses with deviation analysis – based on the same assumptions.

Planning Dynamics

By importing new production data, you can easily implement current influences and take those into account.

Planning Flexibility

New exchange rates, different probabilities, a change in weighting – everything can be varied.

Planning Pleasure

Satisfied, relieved, convinced team members who will appreciate the advantages of a connected system.

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