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Globalization is impacting Businesses and Economies more and more. The global demand for diversified products, different local requirements, environmental considerations and legal aspects are bringing complexity into the Automotive Business. On the other side standardization efforts and price pressure of the OEMs are further challenges to manage. It’s getting tough for suppliers to follow these conditions and to keep up meeting expectations.

Your Checklist

Can you answer those questions with “Yes”?

Your Planning Processes are properly digitalized?

That means, your Planning Software reflects your planning steps one by one in exactly the flow you are setting up new business opportunities. Not just a confusing unstructured data input in a huge worksheet, but a real chronological entry starting with a standardized Project Definition, down to the inidividual Part Numbers related to the Project.

The Planning Efforts of all Departments are reduced to a minimum?

Are your team members complaining about the workload during the Planning cycles? Do they have to start every Planning cycle from scratch or do they just have to update an existing forecast? Our Planning Solution can reduce these efforts – it requires a limit maintenance effort to supply a new Plan.

All Departments are working with same base data?

Are your team members referring to the same Vehicle Production data based on a central system, or are they using different Excel files with versions where you don’t have the control off?

All Team members are using same planning assumptions?

Does your team consider Confidence Levels in  consistent way, use same exchange-rates and use same definitions?

All Departments are acting together efficiently?

Would you consider the cooperation of all Departments as efficient, or do some have to wait for others feedback? Are there back-and-forth discussions which often postpone the process and lead to unsoved disagreement between employees?

Your Planning accuracy is 95% or higher?

Globalization increases the number of possible influences on your business development. Risks from delivery bottlenecks, sudden price increases and possible crises have an impact on your planning. Unfortunately, you have no influence on these external factors. But you should do everything you can to be able to create a plan that is as accurate as possible and to minimize your internal uncertainties with a planning tool that is perfectly tailored to you.

Your Planning data are perfectly standardized and allow useful analysis?

Precision and efficiency are two key aspects with regard to planning. Precision you easlily reach by standardizing data input. Don’t type every customer name manually for every Part Number  – use a solution that enables you to rely on pre-defined definitions and access available source data. That given, you will be able to analyze your planning data in right quality.

You have 24/7 access to your Planning data?

To access your global planning data 24/7, it requires to have a central database where all input is stored. Self explaining that Excel files don’t fulfill this. A web-based solution even makes you independent from specific Hardware and enables you to access your data from everywhere.

You are able to compare easily different Planning versions at same assumptions?

You have stored version 1 of your Plan in July, version 2 in September and version 3 in December. All at different exchange-rates. Now you want to compare those with latest f/x. Does this mean a lot of consolidation, conversion and calculation efforts – or do you get this with two mouse clicks? Get rid of unnecessary administration efforts and accelerate your steps to valuable decision-making.

You are able to make decisions quickly based on solid Planning data?

Decisions are trend-setting and have to be made on a daily basis. They can lead to wrong actions and can become expensive. Make sure that you base your decisions on reliable data, to be quicker than your competition.Increase your numberof great decisions – by using a solid Planning Solution.

If you discover that your company has weaknesses in 3 of those 10 points, you have a real opportunity to enhance those with VISTAlution.

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