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Your planning process consumes hundreds of working hours of your Sales Team. Recurring cycles keep the team busy over several months. Your Marketing Team consolidates all files to one global version and desperately tries to implement all coming changes into the same.
This is not just time consuming and inefficient, it also costs your Organization a lot of money. Money that better would be invested in a professional solution – keeping your team available for important tasks and acquisition of new customers.

Potential Savings

Cost Saving potentials with VISTAlution Planning Solutions

Reduced Planning & Forecasting Activities

With an ongoing updated Forecast the specific effort for Annual Planning activities are reduced to a minimum. In average the time saving is 2/3 compared to Excel planning or other Standard Planning Solutions.

Efficient Presentation- & Meeting Preparation

By using Executive Summaries and predefined Report templates the data collection & preparation activities are reduced to a minimum.

Optimized Sales & Marketing Administration

Due to an intuative and efficient Administration solution the maintenance activities are low and relieve the Admin. There is more time available for important analysis and strategic tasks.

Accelerated Project Management

By avoiding duplication of data input in independent systems, the Project Management gets more efficient in tracking tasks. A better alignment of the Project Team contributes to faster Product launches.

Avoiding Missed Price Adjustments

Discrepancies between negotiated and  invoice d prices between Sales and Customer Service are avoided. This prevents missing revenue and trouble with customers.

Precise Ressource Allocation

With more precise planning, resources can be allocated much better – this saves costs for unused staff and simplifies unpleasant personnel adjustments.

Better Capacity Utilization

Understanding better, what to produce in which technology, means a more efficient utilization of your manufacturing capacities and avoiding overcapacity.

In time Contract Approvals

By closing contracts in time, you can prevent incorrect invoicing, unjustified arrears in payment and ensure a reliable legal basis for your business.

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